It’s time to use your power.

Whether it’s your local newsagent, a hardware store or a fashion retailer, where you shop can make a real difference. Tasmanian shoppers have the power to support businesses that employ local people.

Businesses have the power to do everything they can to make the experience of shopping with them as good as it can be. That might mean better service, more choice or more convenience.

Everyone has the power to make a difference. And using that power when we shop can make a positive difference to Tasmania’s economy.

That is why the Liberal State Government is encouraging Tasmanians to buy local, and we are leading by example. We have introduced a Local Benefits Test so government departments consider the many community and social benefits of supporting local business – such as job creation, when they award contracts.

We have also made it easier for more small businesses to tender for work by breaking up large contracts into smaller more manageable contracts.

We all have a role to play. Use your power. Buy local.